Four Top 30 Restaurants Out Of Almost 500 In Lubbock TX

Lubbock, Texas has nearly 500 restaurants, and they certainly have some really good ones. Did you know that Lubbock isn’t just the name of the city but the actual name of the county? You will have a great time exploring such a large city that is home to over a quarter million people. The popular things to do in Lubbock are just as interesting as the restaurants. As you discover what all you want to do in Lubbock, I’m going to tell you about four great places for dining out.

The Funky Door is located at 6801 Milwaukee Avenue, and it is a good spot for brunch, lunch or dinner. A top travel site shows what the steak and mashed potatoes looks like, and let’s just say it looks delicious. This place also serves up some really unique dishes, such as prosciutto and blue cheese wrapped figs with red pepper jelly. They call them ‘Funky Figs.’ You will have to check this place out to understand what it’s all about.

Stella’s Restaurant is located at 4646 50th Street, and it is known for its delicious salads, fresh seafood of different types and pizza. Reviews mention that the desserts are quite scrumptious, too. One person mentioned that the place had free appetizers available at a certain time, at least that day. It sounds like another place that you would have to check out to get the entire picture.

Red Zone Cafe is a great pick for burgers and more, and it is located at 3602 Slide Road. Where can you get fried catfish, burgers and enchiladas at the same place? Red Zone Cafe is certainly one of those restaurants, and guess what. This place serves breakfast all day long to boot. This is the type of restaurant that you visit when you want home style cooking.

This next place is also great for burgers, and they look enormous. The restaurant is Aspen Creek Grill, and the location is 3012 West Loop 289. While the burgers look great at Aspen Creek Grill, the restaurant also serves up catfish, fried cheesecake, Hawaiian chicken and more.

Each one of those restaurants has a really diverse menu, and you just can’t beat that. Does it sound like you are going to enjoy some delicious meals? Hub City awaits, and these four restaurants are each in the top 30 out of nearly 500 places to eat.